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Kiwi Was Here

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About Kiwi!

Kiwi McDowelll makes FUNctional art and other gurly gifts to inspi-HER women and celebrate their SASSY FABULOUSness! Born and  raised in upstate New York, now living in Atlanta, Kiwi discovered she could draw in 2002!
Originally a doll maker, she was FED UP with sewing and REFUSED to make one more STITCH!  With hundreds of requests for the dolls still pouring in she decided to draw the dolls and the rest is HERstory!
From magnets and calendars to tote bags and handbags, EVERYTHING sitting still was used for inspHERation! LOL!
Kiwi may not be in hair salons much these days, but she can ALWAYS be found creating a lil somethin something to celebrate and appreSHEate her sistahs!